Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My Long Weekend in Incomplete Sentences

That was one great long weekend.

Friday night - got home, ate lasagna with my sisters and b-i-l. Watched Love Actually - actually not a bad little film. Went to bed.

Saturday - got up late-ish. Sat around the breakfast table with my sisters and mother. Eventually showered and dressed. Went to the new yarn store in town. Got my hair cut. Returned to yarn store to purchase two balls of Gedifra's Dandy (enough for a scarf) - pretty! Went home. Met sister's boyfriend for the first time. Whole gang of us go to grandparents for a hootenanny (whole lot of hoot, great deal of nanny). Ate, got caught up with lives and goings-on of cousins and other assorted family members I haven't seen since the winter. Ate. Had sing-along in the garage with rest of family. Fun was had by all.

Sunday - got up early. Went to church. Went to get turkey for dinner. Went home and had breafast. Puttered for the rest of the afternoon. Grandparents arrive and eventally, dinner is served.

Monday - got up on time. Big breakfast, including blueberry perogies imported from exotic Sudbury. Sister and b-i-l leave. More puttering commences. Finish Dennis Lehane's Gone, Baby, Gone. Start Jennifer Crusie's Tell Me Lies. (Eventally finish it - at 4AM). Play Trivial Pursuit with mother and sister, but abandoned because the questions are either too hard or way too easy. Play Boggle instead. Putter and read until bedtime.

Tuesday - got up suddenly when I realize mother is about to leave for first day back to school. End up not going back to bed - eat muffin, shower, and get dressed. Go to library to see former boss and co-workers. Get special hot chocolate at grocery store. Go home, throw bags in car, get lasagnas from freezer (one for me, two for sister and b-i-l in Guelph). Gather other things sister forgot. Bid fond adieu to other sister and leave. Get to Ikea and spend longer that I care to remember in line. Get to Guelph and hand off lasagnas and forgotten items to sister. Go to yarn place and come out with much yarn [1]. Finally go for lunch (it's 3:00PM now). Realize how late it is, and boot it to 401. Traffic is heavy, even on the 407. Around 7:00pm I remember that driving after dark in Northern Ontario is dangerous, due to deer and moose, so spend next two hours with eyes peeled for large hooved beasts. Eventually get back to apartment. Lament the end of a most excellent weekend.

[1] - Three balls of Wendy Velvet Touch in Flame Velvet (a discontinued colour). Three balls of Patons Divine in Floral Fantasy. Four balls Alafoss Lopi in Golden Green. Also, assorted knitting needles.