Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ladies, a word of advice: RUN!

Accordion Guy has posted a couple of tracks from a 70's self-help tape entitled Picking Up Girls Made Easy. Ladies, should you be approached by some hip swinger trying out these cool and smooth lines on you, the polite response is not to laugh yourself silly (although that may be the preferred response). Rather, you should indicate that, while the 70's may have been a groovy time for the single stud out-on-the-town, it is now the 21st century and he may want to look into updating his pick-up lines.

Some thoughts I had while listening to the clips:
  • What kind of thoughtful brother buys his "sister" a see-through top?
  • Also, why do the "sisters" always get blamed for everything?
  • Romeo was the greatest pick-up artist ever? Honey, the last girl he picked up was the death of him (quite literally).
  • "Groovy looking chick" - hee!
  • "...lets her know that Barry's got some bread" (paraphrased) - hee!