Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ten minute blog post, starting....... NOW!

GAH! I was thinking about what I would write about on my way home, and have completely forgotten what I was going to say, only that I would have to say it quickly. And not get distracted before the ten minutes are up. I have the attention span of a flea or a golden retriever - you have only to wave in my direction, and I'll forget what I'm doing and wander off to see what the commotion is about.

On the other hand, I also have the ability to focus on something to the detriment of other things. Like, I wanted to blog and eat when I got home, but no - I decided that it was more important to sew the snaps onto my gold belt because tonight is our first dress rehearsal, and the gold belt is the only thing that isn't wearable yet. I was quite hungry and keen to post, but no - the sewing came first. When I realized that I'd sewn half of the snap on upsidedown, I gave up and got something to eat. I can fix that when I get home tonight.

That didn't really illustrate my point, did it? Huh. Anyways...

So yes - first dress rehearsal tonight. My skirt is completely done - the last of the sequins got sewn on last night. The gold bra is 98% done - I still need to make a flap to hide the hooks in the back, but that will take about an hour and can also be done tonight or tomorrow. Something like that.

Four more minutes.

I am giving serious thought to purchasing a digital camera. Due to my somewhat impulsive nature, I've decided that I need it NOW, and want to go on Friday afternoon to purchase it. However, since it's a big-ticket item, I may be able to restrain myself until I've done some research into the matter. But, in the meantime, maybe you guys can tell me what kind of digital camera you have and whether or not you would recommend it. Just to give me something to go on.

Oh dear. The ideas have completely dried up. I was going to tell you about the movies I watched this weekend while I was sewing, but that will have to wait until later. They were mostly good, with one confusing exception.