Sunday, December 12, 2004

An afternoon at the movies

Despite the snow (woo! Snow! I love snow!), Karen and I went to see Blade Trinity this afternoon.

First things first - Ryan Reynolds? Smokin'. Just so you know. (Had he and Parker Posey - as a baddie - not been in the movie, it wouldn't have been good at all. The two of them had some of the best lines/scenes in the movie.)

As it was, it wasn't a terrible movie. There were some questionable plot holes, and Wesley Snipes basically phoned in his part. There wasn't much sword fighting and/or martial arts, which is why I (eventually) liked the first Blade movie. (I thought it was dumb the first time I saw it in the theater, and then a year or so later, rented it and changed my mind.) There was more shooting in this one, although the archery aspect was pretty cool.

This time, I made sure I wrote down the previews:
  • XXX (Triple X): State of the Union - as soon as I saw Willem Dafoe, I knew he was going to be the bad guy. The presence of Dafoe doesn't always mean he's going to be the baddie, but generally you can count on him to be up to no good if he's in the movie. Otherwise, I have no interest in this one.
  • Assault on Precinct 13 - ah, a remake. Not an Ethan Hawke fan. But I do admire John Leguizamo (he of the semi-unpronounceable last name), even though I always think of him as the Character Most Likely To Die Tragically (I don't know why), and I admit to a weakness for Gabriel Byrnes.
  • The Ring Two - umm... no. Too scary. Besides, is a sequel really necessary? (I haven't seen the first one, and since I enjoy sleeping with the lights off, I don't plan to either.)
  • Constantine - I know it's based on a comic book character, so I'm going to wait and see what the reviews are before I make any rash decisions to see this one.
  • Darkness - it seems that this one was made almost three years, and is only being released now - not a good sign. Karen wants me to mention that she kept her eyes closed for the whole preview. I was digging through my purse looking for a pen and paper, so I missed most of this one. But it also looks scary.
So, basically, I won't be seeing any of those movies.