Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Heading South

I was going to post the list of movies I saw this past year, but it needs editing and such and I'm running on empty right about now.

I'm heading home for the holidays in the morning, and the weather isn't co-operating. It's snowing a little tonight, but we're supposed to get more overnight. Plus, there's a winter storm warning for pretty much all of Southern Ontario tomorrow. However, I'm not exceedingly worried.

As I told a former co-worker in an email earlier this evening (hi Elaine!), "Yes, yes - I know there's a winter storm warning. We get those every year, but how many times did we actually *get* a storm? (Watch - this time, there will actually be a storm. Just g/God's way of taunting me.)" (The answer is - rarely. Never at this time of year.)

But just in case the weather is bad and I have to drive through it, could you spare me a thought or two? I should be okay if I take my time and accept that I may have to stop somewhere along the way.

Anyways, g'nite. Maybe I'll post something brief in the morning.