Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I mentioned in passing that I watched the show "Making the Cut," the quintessentially Canadian reality show. For those of you not the least bit interested in hockey, you can go get a beer out of the fridge - we'll still be here when you get back.

Why is this the quintessential Canadian reality show? Well, it's about hockey. Specifically, tryouts for the NHL. Something like 4000 guys tried out, and 68 made it to the camp. Over the next two weeks, they had to impress the coaches and scouts to make it to the final 18. At the end of each day, a number of players were told they were "on the bubble," or at risk of being cut, and had to go to centre ice. If they weren't performing well, they got a black helmet and played with the developmental squad, but had the chance to return to the elite squad.

And since the NHL is on strike, and there's no Hockey Night in Canada (waa!), this is all I have to fill that gap.

Last week, they announced the top 18, from whom the top 6 would be drafted by the six Canadian teams in the NHL (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal - go Habs!). Happily, five of the guys I was rooting for made it - Jacobs, Mole, Noel, Wires, and Dickenson. (A note about Noel - he's from the town over from the town where my dad's from, so naturally I was going to root for him!)

The final is being aired live right now, and they're about to announce the top 6. Be right back!

Update: Frell. Of my five, only Mole and Noel got drafted. Mole to Ottawa, which are a pretty good team, so good for him! And Noel got drafted by Toronto - I can hear my dad swearing from here. He hates Toronto with a passion that is pure and holy, and for a hometown boy to be drafted by them must be seriously pissing him off. I would have liked to see Noel or Jacob drafted by Montreal (go Habs!). Eh.