Saturday, December 04, 2004

These are the groceries purchased by a gal with tiny demons inhabiting her sinuses

  • Milk
  • cereal - Harvest Crunch
  • corn starch
  • jam (I had to buy jam because I cannot get the lid off the jar of homemade strawberry jam my mother gave me. It's completely adult-proof, I tell ya)
  • organic bananas (they don't go overripe as fast as non-organic bananas)
  • Boursin - in nifty pepper flavour! (Boursin is a cream cheese-like spread. The garlic spread is delish, and I was told by the checkout girl that the pepper version only lasts a day at her house)
  • chocolate chips
  • cheese (cheddar)
  • raspberry newtons
  • chicken Bombay salad (for supper. It was okay, but I can still taste it almost five hours later)
  • sausage roll (also supper)
  • loaf of bread

There is a reason why this is interesting. Actually.... no, there isn't. I just felt like throwing it on here as an example of how exceedingly scattered I am when I have a headache. It's cold here, but a dry cold. Very dry cold. As in, my sinuses dry up on a daily basis. I get headaches at least once or twice a week, and today was one of those days. I needed a couple of things from the store, but it could have waited. However, when my head hurts, I sometimes make silly choices, like going for groceries, despite the fact my stomach was also getting in on the act by alternately telling me, "I'm hungry! Feed me!" and "I think I'm with the head on this one - I hurt and I think I'm gonna hurl soon."

So, I ended up getting stuff I didn't really need, like the Boursins, the salad, and the sausage rolls because I was hungry. I needed corn starch and chocolate chips, but not right away - I may bake this weekend, but I may not, so it wasn't like it was an emergency. Also, I didn't get things I could have used, like chicken, green peppers, zucchini, and potatoes and leeks (for soup) because looking at them made me ill. And I didn't get stuff I actually needed because I didn't know I needed it, or I knew I needed it but didn't know how much I had left (stop me if I sound a little like this). Which means I'm going to have to make at least one trip back to the grocery store tomorrow *sigh*...