Friday, December 31, 2004

Hey Rocky!

This morning I was sitting in the living room, when I glanced out the window at the huge maple tree in the front of the house. There, clinging to a branch in the wind and rain, was a squirrel.

Now, the sighting of a squirrel is not usually a cause for celebration in urban and built up areas. But here in the country, where we're surrounded by farms and the trees are pretty far apart, squirrels are a creature of note.

No one is sure how they get out here, just that they show up periodically. And that they don't last long. The road my parents live on is busy and fast. Plus, our herd of feline domesticus like a little variety in their diet, which normally consists of cat food (Meow Mix), doves (which are really just pigeons with good PR, and pigeons are just rats with wings), mice, and the occasional unidentified creature ("Is that a vole?" "It certainly looks vole-like." "Seriously?" "I don't know - what do voles look like?")