Saturday, December 18, 2004

Frelling weather that causes massive headaches

Earlier this week, it was gradually warming to, like, -6 from where it had been hovering at the -20 (with windchill) mark. Wednesday it was damn cold, but yesterday morning it was warm enough that it snowed most of the day. Big, fat snowflakes - perfect for a snowball fight (Right Karen? Right Jeff?)

This morning, I work up and my head hurt. Not that much, I thought it would go away. Then I stepped outside to run some errands. (Note: the Kevin Smith Movie Day that was planned for today has been postponed, probably until Sunday where it will become the Kevin Smith Movie Evening.) Damn! It was cold enough that it took my breath away! And make my head hurt some more. When the temperature drops suddenly like that, I tend to get really bad headaches. It hurt most of today, and by 3:00, my head was starting to tingle - not good. I skipped running my last two errands, and went straight home to try and get rid of it.

I have various ways of getting rid of headaches that I'll share with you. Try them in any combo:
  • sleeping - good for mild headaches
  • Advil liqui-gel caps
  • putting on layers of warm clothing, especially hats or scarves - sometimes I get headaches when I'm cold, or I get cold when I get headaches - whatever. I think it has something to do with blood circulation.
  • hot water bottle on the back of my neck or shoulders - good for tension headaches
  • soaking my feet in hot water - this one works really well. I don't know why. Use water that is hot hot hot, soak for about fifteen minutes, and voila!
  • hot shower - usually a last resort.
  • stretching
I tried all of them, and it's gone now, but I haven't had the post-headachy-migrainy euphoria that I usually experience. It's a pleasant, floaty feeling that I usually get once the headache is completely gone.