Friday, November 05, 2004

An apology

I'd like to offer an apology for the somewhat angry tone in two of my earlier messages. I was seriously pissed off about the results of the US election, and even though I'm not American, I know people there, and I know that they're going to be hurt by some of the policies Bush is going to introduce, that are influenced by a strident closed-minded minority who aren't ashamed to force their views on others.

Anyways. I've decided to get rid of my anger, accept it and move on. I will use my Librarian powers for good - not evil - and wish good karma on everyone who will need it over the next four years. I will - to use the phrase my mother is fond of telling me repeatedly - "let it go." (You can tell that I've had trouble learning this simple lesson if she's having to tell me on a regular basis. I'm just very stubborn and my mother is blessed with an overabundance of patience.)

So, I'm letting go. NOW!

You know what else I hate about the election? (Kidding!)

One... two... three... GO!

And another thing.... (Got you again!)

Letting... go... RIGHT NOW!

Have I told you what I think.... (Tee hee!)

Hey! Wait! Come back! I'm really going to do it this time! Honestly!