Friday, November 12, 2004

It gets better... well, not really

I think I killed Natty Boho.

(Natty Boho is my African violet. He's named after the beer in Drawing Blood.)

I've had him for a few months now, and he's been doing pretty good. I watered him once a month, and ignored him the rest of the time. He, in turn, didn't die on me. Like Spike, the ornamental pepper plant did (a month). Like the unnamed miniature rose (less than a week - I think it was on its way out when I bought it.) Like the Newton Pulsifiers (I through IV), all ivy plants. And all the nameless other plants who've fallen vicitm to my black thumb.

Natty was different. He didn't die. He was happy on my bookshelf, out of direct sunlight, like the little information spike in the pot said. I would walk by and smile, knowing that I had finally met a plant who wouldn't leave me like the others did.

But something went horribly wrong. I think I overwatered him last week. The last time I'd watered him was before Thanksgiving (so, last month), and all I'd really done was wave a glass of water in his general direction. I thought that this month, maybe I'd give my dear Natty a little extra to make up for last month. Alas, I think I overdid it.

His little leaves are limp and weak. One stalk is already dead, and there's another that isn't doing so well. The stuff I thought was new growth is pale green and fading fast. I've put Natty on the table in the dining area in the hopes that being in the sun will perk him up a bit. However, I'm afraid it's too late....

Natty, I'm so sorry!