Sunday, November 28, 2004

As for the rest of the weekend...

...mostly, it involved vegging. In front of the computer. Ostensibly, I was working on my NaNo story, which I did make some headway on. I won't be hitting 50,000 words by Tuesday night, and it was a nice fantasy of mine, believing that I would get anywhere close to that, seeing as November is generally a hectic month for me. If I hit 25,000 words, I'll be happy.

I also managed to make it to church on Saturday night (I'm a Liberal-Cynical Catholic). Somehow, every year I manage to make it to the first Advent mass, and then miss everything else until Christmas. But it was good that I made it out, if only that I now realize there's only roughly four weeks 'till Christmas. It's a nice church, and even though the priest's attempts at humour sometimes fall flat, I don't get the overwhelming urge to stand up and argue with him during the homily.

It snowed. Then it rained. Rained some more. And then it snowed again. Right now, I think it's just windy. I know this because I've discvered that there's a draft around my balcony door. I have some rags that I can stuff into the cracks.

Aaaaand.... it's back to work tomorrow. Bother, as Pooh would say.