Friday, November 12, 2004


My stupid car. Man, it's in good condition, but it's going to make me crazy. Any time I finally manage to save up enough to make a really significant payment on my Visa, it goes and does something that needs to be fixed ASAP.

However, this time it's waited for the opposite situation. I had enough to get me through to the next paycheck, get some groceries, maybe go out for dinner on Saturday night (I had to pay the rent on this past pay). But! The oil needed to be changed. Like, badly. I won't say how badly because Mom will tell Dad, and I'll catch hell from him. But! It's done, so I'm good for another few months. And maybe I'll have to make do with some of the leftovers in the freezer, but still - I can get some fresh veggies and stuff. It's not terrible.

Then the mechanic pointed out that the rear driver's side tire is flat. Like, really flat. It should have 35 pounds of pressure - yet, it only had 2. Not good, but he filled it for me.

This morning I go to leave for work and look at the tire. Guess what? If you said it's flat again, then you are correct.

Crap. Shit. I need new tires.

I had planned to do this anyways, at least for the rear tires, which are the old front tires. The front tires are all-seasons, which I got last year, so they're fairly new. So I could replace the tires that are on the back with the tires that are on the front, and get new snow tires for the front. That's what the ol' Visa is for.

I just wish it could have waited until next weekend to do this to me!