Sunday, November 14, 2004

An unexpected Sunday morning

I was supposed to curl in a funspiel (a bonspiel, but without the competitiveness) today with Karen, her dad, and someone else. It's not that I don't enjoy curling (when I'm not falling on my butt), it's just that I didn't feel like it this morning.

As I was making a mad dash for the door this morning (it was almost 9 and I couldn't remember if I was supposed to be there at 9 or 9:30), Karen called. For whatever reason, our team wasn't registered, and there was already an even number of teams signed up. So we didn't have to curl. YAY!

(Note to my mother: No, I didn't get changed and go to church. Since I was in my sweats anyways, I went for a walk instead.)

In other news, I got the tires on the car changed yesterday. It took about 3 hours - an hour for the car to go in, half an hour to change the tires, and 1.5 hours of me waiting for them to tell me it was done. It was still on the lift but there was no one around, so finally I went and asked. "Oh. Oh yeah! It's done." Well, were you going to tell me or keep me around for another 3 hours?

I can keep myself amused in Canadian Tire for - tops - 45 minutes. During that time, I looked at the cheap prefab shelving units, wandered through the lighting section, strolled through the sportsman/hunting section (and got Dad's Christmas present), and meandered through the Christmas decorations. I also called Mom on the cellphone and begged her to amuse me, but she was teaching someone to make bread, so there went that idea.

While I was in the paint section, I started grabbing random paint chips, just because I wanted to get some ideas for colour if I get around to redoing this site, or even for knitting projects. I lucked out when I found the colour scheme chips - they're strips with four or five complementary colours that the manufacturer recommends putting together. Tres cool.

Now, to work on my NaNo story, on which I'm woefully behind.