Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I can't.... I'm just.... I'm... speechless... just....


I can't believe that lying sack of shit got re-elected. Jeezuz Goddamn Christ Almighty. What the hell were you thinking?

I'm so upset and angry that I can't even articulate it. I'm angry that enough people were able to look past his lack of accountability and experience and hatemongering and warmongering to vote for him again. I'm upset that Americans are going to be convinced that the whole world hates them when really we despise their politicians and politics. I'm heartbroken that the thuggish and bullying tactics that have been used since 9/11 on Middle East nations and other nations that wouldn't support that pathetic excuse to invade Iraq and don't believe the whole thing has been handled with anything approaching intelligence, will continue for another four years.

I had a headache for most of the day - a bad one. Partly caused by tar fumes from the building across the street, and partly because I couldn't stop thinking about my dear friend who lives in upstate NY and my Mom's cousin in Boston.

About a year and a half ago, my friend made the extremely difficult personal decision to come out of the closet. His brother is gay, and he'd been trying to deny the possibility that he might also be gay. But once he acknowledged it and told us, I congratulated him, told him it didn't change how I felt about him, and wished him well. I had hoped that by coming out, he could finally feel free to be himself, and that the weight of hiding who and what he was could finally be lifted off his shoulders. But no - apparently, his "type" are deviants and evil, and shouldn't be afforded the same rights and freedoms that the rest of the population are. Eleven states passed referendums banning gay marriage. What's next - discrimination, isolation, repression - I shudder to think.

My Mom's cousin in Boston works for Polaroid. It's a company that's not doing well at all. At the end of every month, she has to wait to hear if she's got a job next month because they are constantly laying staff off. And if the worst does happen, what does she have? She doesn't have a pension, because they lost it when the company was taken over a few years ago. She's not far from retirement, but what the hell is she supposed to live on if she makes it that far? Yet CEOs of companies who mismanage them to the point of bankruptcy get huge payoffs and bonuses - what? You're not a CEO and your company has gone belly-up? Too bad. So sad. Didn't you people remember Enron?

What's wrong with you? You actually think that idiot has any plans or goals beyond completely screwing up the Middle East and giving in to every fantasy of the wacko fundies? You thunk wrong.

There's nothing else I want to say, or can say without resorting to strong, family-unfriendly language. If you need me, I'll be quietly fuming over here for the next four years.