Monday, January 03, 2005

Lasts and firsts

I'm still working on my resolutions. Seriously - one of them needs to be "stop procrastinating."

Last thing I ate in 2004: icebox cookie.
First thing I ate in 2005: shortbread cookie (it was just a wee one!)

Last thing I drank in 2004: tea with milk.
First thing I drank in 2005: it was either mineral water or coffee with milk.

Last thing I watched in 2004: The 11:30 news on CH-CH, the local station out of Hamilton. The guy who was reading the news must have been the only person in the building, which explains some of his hilarious commentary.
First thing I watched in 2005: Well, does the countdown count? If so, the countdown in Niagara Falls on CH-CH (I think everyone from the station was there, which didn't stop Matt Hayes, the weather guy, from sucking badly.) The whole thing was saved by having The Trews play.

Last movie I watched in 2004: Shrek 2.
First move I watched in 2005: Van Wilder. (I wish I could say it was Saved!, which was the second movie I watched, but I wanted Mom to watch it with me and she was busy doing other things, so I watched Van Wilder while I waited.)

Last book I read in 2004: No Quarter, Tanya Huff.
First book I read in 2005: I'm still waiting. The publisher's web site indicates that the tentative shipping date for The Value of X was the 27th, so I'm waiting to see if I get it in the next week. The email from indicated that the status of the item changed, but didn't specify whether or not I needed to reorder. It's been 7 months since I first ordered it, and I'm getting kind of anxious. Should I not hear anything before next Monday, I'll have to read the book I had chosen as the second book I wanted to read in 2005 first.

(And can I just say how happy I was to have finished all five books I brought home with me? And the secret Christmas present project for my mother - also finished!)