Sunday, January 16, 2005

Company and fears

Friday night a fellow librarian and I went to see "In Good Company" at the theater. It was a good movie, and I liked the ending a lot. There was a lot of growth-as-a-person stuff that was well handled, and I can't say enough about how much I love Topher Grace as an actor. But I completely fail to see what all the fuss about Scarlet Johansson is - she's an adequate actress, but nothing special. I also don't find her particularly attractive, but that may be a chick thing.

And you know what's coming. (Maybe you don't though - the previews!)
  • Cinderella Man - I can't stand Russell Crowe. (That said, I did like Mystery, Alaska.) Like Johansson, he's an adequate actor but nothing special to look at. And it's about boxing. Someone made a comment during this preview about it being a "Rocky" prequel, which made me snicker.
  • The Interpreter - I'm sensing a theme, because Nicole Kidman joins Crowe and Johansson in the "Meh" category. She's the better actor of the three, but I am still ambivalent of the whole Kidman ouvre (however, I loved Practical Magic). Plus, it's about the UN - you'd think that someone who spent half of her high school career as a member of the model UN club, I'd be more interested in this. Nope. Not even slightly. (Special note about the IMDb entry for Practical Magic - I submitted the two goofs dealing with the dead boyfriend's body. Yes, I have an ego and am not ashamed to occasionally flaunt it.)
  • Ice Princess - ugh. More dreck from Disney. This time about figure skating, featuring Michelle Trachtenberg and Kim Catrall. I don't expect this will become the definitive figure skating movie, a title which is held by The Cutting Edge. But it is written by Meg Cabot, who wrote the Princess Diaries series, and a couple of not-half-bad romances for adults.
  • Bride & Prejudice - This one looks good. It's a Bollywood-meets-the-west-meets-Jane Austin deal.
  • Hitch - I think I've seen this preview before. Wil Smith being handsome and charming - sound familiar? Oh, that's right - like every other film he's done.
We also went to see "Forces of Nature" at the IMAX at Science North on Saturday night, about volcanoes, earthquakes, and tornados. Which is pretty frickin' hilarious if you knew me as a ten-year-old - those were my top three fears throughout most of my childhood. My grandfather delights in telling everyone who will listen about how scared I was that there would be a volcanic eruption in our area after Mount St. Helena's erupted. I know - highly unlikely.

My fear of earthquakes was slightly more realistic. There is a minor fault line running under Lake Ontario, and we've had a couple of very minor tremors. As in, less than 4 on the Richter Scale.