Sunday, January 16, 2005

Some last-minute Sunday night thoughts

1. Spike TV is having a Star Trek movie marathon tomorrow, starting at 9am. I want to play hooky and watch this.

2. I've had Food TV on almost all day today. Not because there's anything interesting on, but to keep me company. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope at work tomorrow not hearing that stupid commercial about Emril giving up a music scholarship to persue his dreams and going to France blah blah blah every ten minutes. But I guess I'll manage somehow.

3. Tomorrow night we curl against the two guys who were rounding out our team at the end of the first session. Karen and I want to kick their asses so bad we can taste it. (They were good guys and we got along great as a team. It's just that we never won a game with them, and we want to prove that we are capable of winning.)

4. I should make my lunch tonight so I have more time in the morning. That's a good idea - I think I'll go do that now.