Tuesday, January 04, 2005

WIPs: December and early January

Yeah, I didn't post a WIP last month either because I was mostly working on Christmas presents. Denise and I made little sweaters for a garland, and only she had them done on time. Mine were finished by New Year's Day. There were also thrummed mittens that ended up being too short once I finished them. I can unravel the one I finished and do a few more rows, but I've put them aside for now.

Leftovers from October:
Only two scarves on the needles right now, the ribbon one and the Dandy one. The QaF socks are no more - I used the yarn to make the mini-sweaters, and what's left will be put to use elsewhere. The fingerless gloves are finished - have I mentioned that? I wear them at curling.

New stuff:
When I got home Sunday night, I decided to haul out all my yarn to see exactly what I have. And it is an impressive amount, let me tell you. My dining room table is buried under all the balls of yarn. I've tried to separate it by potential projects, and now I just need to bag them in giant freezer bags (thanks to my sisters for that idea). The trick is figuring out where to start and what to start with. Hopefully, by mid-month, I'll have new knitting stuff to tell you about.