Thursday, January 27, 2005

Voting update

Well, as you can see, my sister is seriously stacking the vote in favour of Sisterhood. But Julie is also doing a good job of diligently voting for Happiness, so it's catching up. And Jody emailed my a bunch of suggestions, all of which are good, so I may decide to go with one of them instead.

And why is Cook's Tour suddenly showing up? It's my doing, you see. I'm reading Devil and am feeling a distinct loathing towards the author - I could go on at length about why I feel such contempt towards her, but it would involve several expletives, and this is a family blog. So, as an antidote, I desperately want to read something snarky and honest, so that's why I'm voting for it.

Voting will continue until I say so. Probably until the day before the next book club, which doesn't have a date yet.