Sunday, January 09, 2005

Half a weekend

Sorry the posting here was light over the weekend. It wasn't for lack of things to write about because heaven knows my life outside work provides me with such rich fodder to write about. No, it was one of those paradoxical weekends where I have both nothing and a million things to do, and I only got half of anything completed.

I'm not really sure who or what to blame, but I'm certainly casting a dirty look at the MI-5 marathon on A&E this weekend. (Note: in the UK, it was called Spooks.) I'm not sure what time it started, but I got sucked in around 2ish, and it ran until 8, and then there was a new episode at 10. Of course, by that time, Battlestar Galactica was being shown elsewhere, and since the show starts next weekend sometime, I started watching that too. It was 3 hours long, so at 10, I flipped back a forth for a while until I knew that Tom was innocent (looooooooooong story) and kept watching BG.

My laundry is mostly done (didn't get to the sheets and towels) and mostly picked up (except for the stuff on the drying rack). I finished the Dandy scarf but not the ribbon scarf. The sink and the tub are clean, but I still need to vacuum in there. All the boxes I had sitting around are now in my storage locker, but not the Christmas decorations. All the yarn that was on my dining room table has been bagged and picked up, except for the mystery yarn from Yarn Factory Outlet, which I'm still trying find out what it is. I walked a little, I started working on a new project, and was, in general, semi-productive today.