Monday, January 10, 2005


I love serendipity. Witness...

1) On Saturday night, between the end of Battlestar Galactica and SNL, I flipped to Food TV. Last Monday, I'd happened to catch the original Iron Chef, and have been hooked into watching Nigella Bites at other times during the week. That night, I happened into an episode of A Cook's Tour, which was funny and clever and candid (although, not as candid as you'd expect - this is television, a medium not known to be friendly to colourful language, after all).

2) Apparently, I'm not the only one who was sucked into the MI-5 marathon on Saturday afternoon. Wanting to know more about the handsome Mr. Macfayden, I cruised over to the IMDb where I discovered - brace yourselves Mom, Denise, Rachelle, Squishy, LibPrincess, etc. - there is a remake of Pride and Prejudice in the works. The Bad News is that Matthew Macfayden is no Colin Firth. The Good News is that Matthew Macfayden is no Colin Firth. (And while I question the casting of Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennett, I think that Dame Judi Dench will make a deliciously nasty Lady Catherine De Bourgh.)

Serendipty is a wonderful concept. I honestly believe that we need to look for moments of it in our everday lives.