Friday, January 21, 2005

"Are you sure you didn't hear anything?" "Yeah, I'm sure!"

A few things:

Firstly, any report about my untimely demise (not that I've seen any or that there are any circulating at the moment) are exaggerated. I haven't had time at lunch over the past few days to post anything. Not that I haven't had Ideas - just not Time.

Secondly, I finally got off my lazy ass and linked the TSF button to the FAQ. Only took me - what, almost two weeks?

Thirdly, the purple of the survey box was getting on my nerves because it clashed so badly with the green of my background. So I changed it to a shade of pale orange that pleases me. It reminds me of pinapple and orange ice cream - mmmm!

(Third-and-a-halfly, way to go Julie! I think you're single-handedly giving Happiness (TM) a fighting chance against Sisterhood. You guys know that you can vote more than once, right? Only once a day, though.)

Fourthly, it was -32 C this morning when I went out to my car. Right now, it's a positively balmy -25 C. I'm cold right now - any guesses why?

Fifthly, I like numbered lists.

Sixthly, I still haven't fixed my computer yet. I didn't want the aggrevation of not being able to fix it immediately most nights this week, and I'm in a bonspiel most of this weekend (a James Bond-spiel - there's a little curling humour for you. Seriously, that's what it's called.)

Seventhly, it's almost time for a WIP update, isn't it? Right - will work on that later.

(The title is a reference to this post, which was the other time I couldn't come up with a clever title.)