Thursday, July 21, 2005

Anniversaries and birthdays

First, congrats to The 'Rents, who celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Monday. They met at a hockey dance (seriously - how Canadian is that?) and the rest was history. I can't tell you much about the wedding, since I didn't come along for another six years. At my sister's wedding, it just so happened that everyone in the original wedding party (except the flower girl) was in attendance, so we got to update their wedding pictures.

Secondly, happy 3rd anniversary to Denise and Mike - they met at university in first year. The first time we met Mike, he was racing towards the back door because he was certain the dogs next door were going to jump the fence and eat him. The wedding was one of the best I've ever been to - the last song the DJ played was Led Zeplin's "Stairway to Heaven", which provided many of the remaining guests with flashbacks to high school.

Finally, happy 18th birthday to my cousin Rachael. Her birthday is the same day as my parent's anniversary. I remember we were at my cousin's wedding (July 17th 18th** is a popular day in our family*) when we found out she was hatched born. Now, she sings in the choir, is in the theater group at her high school, and plays hockey, field hockey, and is a squash champ. And is an all-around good kid.

Update 7/22: Happy Birthday Rufus!

Happy Birthday Rufus!
*August 24th and 25th are also popular days - my mother, my Grandma, my aunt, and my mother's cousin all have birthdays on those two days.
** Hi! I'm a dork who can't read a calendar!