Friday, July 08, 2005

Greetings from the Land of the Excessively Overcaffinated

HI! How are YOU!

caffeine I have consumed today:
1 thermos very strong dark roast coffee
1 medium Tim Horton's coffee
1 can Diet Coke
1 pot espresso (pending)

Last night, I sat down in front of the computer and had trouble dragging myself away to do anything remotely resembling housework. Tonight? Can't sit still for 0.00345734 seconds. Woo!

Things that are currently bouncing around my brain:

1. My sister and her gang are arriving sometime around midnight. That's partly why I'm caffinating myself - so I don't fall asleep before then.

2. "Mantastic" is a fun word to say. It's one of my favourite non-legitimate words in the English language.

3. I'm having trouble remembering to type the letter "n".

4. I'm a little hyper tonight, but I was surprisingly mellow in the grocery store.

5. While standing in line in the grocery store, I was reading an article in Glamour about how to tell if a man is good in bed, and one of the ways is if he's shorter than you (I don't know either. I had a "WTF?" moment myself). Anyways, they said to think of it as "man concentrate". I say, in the spirit of #2, why not call it "mancentrate"?

6. I'll probably go back and delete #5 later on.

7. On my list of things to do at work this week, I got 7 of 11 items done. Yay me! I only have two days next week to finish the rest.

8. I should go clean my bathroom. It's not that bad since I already did it last weekend, but still.
9. Today is my 11 month blogaversary.

10. And Blogger has finally fixed whatever was wrong that had left the total number of posts I've made at 77 - as of this post, I'm at 261.