Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Flying solo again

Well, The 'Rents are well on their way home now, and I'm still sitting here, trying to muster the enthusiasm to do something productive. I took yesterday off so I could go shopping with my mother (final haul: new accent pillows for my futon, and pillows for sleeping with), and today off so I wouldn't have to try and hustle them out the door at 8am, like I did last year. Instead, we had a leisurely breakfast while my mother and I argued over the crossword puzzle for a while. ("What's 68 down?" "I don't know - I'm still on 23 across." "I think it's 'epic'" "That doesn't work with 34 down, though." "No, but it fits." "But then 42 across is wrong!" "Who cares? It fits!")

And now, I'm all on my own again, with the annoying whine of my computer to keep me company.

This is only temporary, mind you. Denise called Sunday night after she and her hubby got back from Chicago to tell me that she and Lisa and the husbands are coming to Sudbury on Friday night, and could they crash at my place? So, I guess this means another few days of trying not to make a big mess and trying to plan meals for a few days. It's not going to be as hard as when the 'Rents came, since I haven't been away for a week and running low on everyday staples, as well as things like flour and oatmeal and paper towels. I'm very much looking forward to it!

And I'll also be able to bug Mr. Denise and see if he knows what the annoying whining noise coming out of my computer is. I have a few days off next week, and will be able to take it into Future Shop and have them look at it.