Thursday, July 21, 2005

My definition of fun

Almost a month and a half ago, Jamie tagged me for a meme. I wanted to participate, but was so busy and stressed, I didn't get a chance to even think about it until the other day.

Ironically, the meme was to highlight five things you love to do to relieve stress, or just enjoy doing.

  • Staying up until the wee hours of Sunday morning, listening to CBC Radio 3 (which is just Radio 2 with louder music), and puttering around on the computer or reading. There's something appealing about staying up way past your bedtime, past closing time at the bar around the corner, doing something fun;
  • Driving around with the windows down, blaring something unexpected. It amuses me to no end to pull up next to some gangsta-thug-wannabe blasting rap, and crank the classical music (or Scissor Sisters or Rufus Wainwright or Tom Waits - y'know, the unusual);
  • Spending the entire day reading, like I did on my birthday. A few good books, no distractions, and a pot of tea are paradise after a tough couple of weeks;
  • Dinner parties that last all night, where everyone is having fun just hanging out, eating, listening to music, and laughing. Funny stories are a must, and experimental cocktails are optional.
  • Sometimes - maybe once every few months - I spend the day in the kitchen baking and cooking. It doesn't strike very often, and the weather must be cool enough that I can leave the windows open and the apartment doesn't get overheated. I usually end up giving away at least some of what I produce, but I also freeze a good portion of it.
Now, I'm supposed to tag five other people, but I'm just going to leave open for you to do.