Friday, July 22, 2005

"So, you heard that too?" "Yeah, but what was it?"

I'd link to the previous posts where I started this, but I'm too lazy this morning.

Actually, I've been lazy in general lately. I blame the heat - I don't operate at maximum speed when the weather goes above a certain temperature, like, say 20 degrees Celsius.

Which, is to say, that my posts have lacked a certain cohesion and/or coherence lately - or at least, they do to me. I've been operating under the certainly muddled* philosophy that any post is better than none at all, no matter how bad it is (or at least, how bad I think it is).

Part of it is knowing in the back of my mind that I have to get "caught up" and I'm falling further and further behind. Every time I sit down at my computer, I end up getting distracted and maybe not writing about certain things, or being half-assed about it.

So, in an effort to motivate/remind myself what I still need to share with everyone, here's what will be coming up in the next few days or so:
  • I have another of those interview-meme things to respond to. The questions are actually pretty good, and the reason I still haven't taken the time to answer them properly is because I have too much to say. Self-editing will be happening soon.
  • My trip to North Bay and Timmins, complete with photos of some of the wacky road signs. And - good news - I actually found something I liked in Timmins this time.
  • Actual honest-to-goodness knitting content! I dyed some more yarn, and need help identifying some mystery yarn I got in Listowell last December.
  • Minor annoyances, like my recent trials and tribulations with PayPal when I tried to upgrade my Flickr account, or how irritating it is that every time I open my iTunes lately, it always defaults to the American store.
  • Reflecting fondly on the Tall Ships, which were in Halifax five years ago this weekend.
I can't promise I'll get around to everything this weekend, but at least I have a plan.

*Did you see the recent "Daily Show" when Jon Stewart mispronounced "muggle" as "mooglie"? It was pretty hilarious - you could hear people in the audience hollering "MUGGLE!" Anyways...