Sunday, July 10, 2005

Where did the weekend go?

This weekend flew by, and it was a good one. My sister and her husband arrived shortly before 11pm, and we had some mac and cheese, did some catching up, and went to bed.

Saturday morning, Denise and I went to the market, and she got some yarn and I got some strawberries, a lavender plant, and a eucalyptus plant. Denise and Mr. Denise then went with the rest of the group (who were staying with friends' parents) to Science North. I elected not to go, since I've already been, but I met them at Deluxe Hamburgers ("home of the original golden arch") for lunch. I was convinced to go with them to the Big Nickel and Dynamic Earth, but no one was interested in going on the tour either; instead, we went back to the friend's place to go swimming in the lake. His parents have a beautiful house, and we all had a great time.

Being new to the whole night life in town, my sister wanted to reenact a true "Sudbury Saturday Night," so went with the group to The Townhouse, which is sort of a well-known dive here (I tried to convince the group to go to The Ledo, which makes other dives look classy by comparison). Denise and Lisa ended up coming back here early (I had already gone to bed at this point) and when I got up this morning, I found the two of them crashed on the futon, knitting books and yarn everywhere.

After coffee and sorting out who did what and where everyone ended up last night, the group got cleaned up and packed, and we went out for breakfast. From there, the group headed home. So, I'm left with:
A sunburn (neck and shoulders)
A watermelon I forgot to cut up
A few strawberries
Some pictures of us having fun at the lake
Neatly wound balls of yarn (thanks to Denise bringing her ball winder)
Some dyed yarn (I did that while waiting for them to get here)
Good memories.

Happily, I have time off this week. It's one of two extra long weekends I have off this summer.