Friday, July 15, 2005

Computer woes

I'm at the library posting this because I finally got off my lazy tush and brought my computer somewhere to be repaired. The power supply fan is making a hell of a noise when it starts up, and was starting to bother me. Parts of the computer are original, which would make them over four and a half years old now - the power supply, the motherboard, some of the RAM, and the video and sound cards. (The hard drive, DVD-ROM, CD burner and the other RAM chip/card/thingy are all less than two years old.)

And I just remembered that I forgot to mention to the person who will be repairing my computer that the hard drive felt unusually hot to the touch, and there was a funny smell (but that could have been from outside.) Maybe I should call them back.

(And the thing about the library computer is that I'm using a French keyboard. It's not all that much different - the keys are still in the "qwerty" position, but I can't find certain puncuation keys. Or, I should say, I couldn't find them until I stopped looking for them and just hit whatever key is where I normally would find them. It seems to have worked.)