Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday, thy name is frustration (NaNo Day 18)

It's one of those days where I want to write, and have a whole lot to write (because I've finally worked out some logistical issues in the storyline), but have no time to. I finished work early, went for groceries and gas, came home, and had to get ready to go to the Sudbury NaNo group's meeting. At which I was the only one to show up, but I'll save that rant for later. Tonight I'm going to see this new movie about this kid who's going to wizard school - I hear it's the fourth installment, but I doubt you've heard about it.

Anyways, I went hogwild last night and downloaded a few CDs. Right now, I'm listening to PJ Harvey's "Is This Desire?" and loving it completely.

Will try and write something before I leave, and update you when I return.

Update (Saturday morning):

I wasn't sure whether to make a new post for this or just add to this post. I'm going with adding to this one because it's still too early to broadcast the day's accomplishments.

Harry Potter was.... okay. Most of my problems have to do with the director for this one - Chris Columbus left every stinkin' element of the plot in, which made the movies too long, dull in spots, but true to the book. He was also good at playing up the emotional elements of Harry's struggle with discovering who and what he was, and has a proven track record with movies with and aboutchildren (and their families). Alfonso Cuaron cut a lot of the superfluous stuff, made the struggle as much about adolescence as it was about good vs. evil, and made a better movie than the first two. And he's a pretty good director, too.

This one was directed by Mike Newell, who brought you such notable films as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Pushing Tin, and Donnie Brasco . Besides being British, I'm not sure how this qualifies him to direct the movie based on the book where things take a definite turn for the worst.

The third one remains my favourite for many reasons, the first one being the director made the actors act like teenagers. In this one, where they should be even more into the angst because they're supposed to be 14 (and because of events at the beginning), they just seemed too wooden. There was very little effort put into convincing the audience these are just typical teenagers who happen to be wizards. Instead, they came off as wizards who don't have beards and grey hair yet.

But, good for Newell for leaving out chunks of the book that would have made the otherwise long movie even longer. Except that in leaving out parts, there should have been a smooth transition from one part of the story to the next, and it wasn't happening. If you're going to leave out the aftermath of the attack at the quidditch match, could you at least make the next scene not be the one where the trio are on the train back to Hogwarts? Tell us a little of what happened when they got home!

There were some funny bits, and one outstanding bit near the end, but they weren't evenly spaced throughout the movie. I thought the actors were great, especially the two who played the Weasley twins (and who had more screen time than the actress who plays Hermione). The special effects were also good - I was dizzy during one particular chase scene (if you've read the book, it was during the first challenge!).

So, that was the movie.

When I got home, I listened to another of the CDs I downloaded, and loved it. Let's hear it for Rogue Wave's descended Like Vultures, people! And the Cash Brother's How Was Tomorrow? - that one was before I left for the movies.

Word count (and I'd like a drumroll for this): 11,110! Less than 2000 words before I surpass the totals I got in each of the last two years! Woo-hoo!