Sunday, November 27, 2005

Knitting and movies (NaNo Day 27)

Three more days folks, and then it's all over.

So I did a lot of knitting and movie watching this weekend. First, the knitting.

I made Karen a scarf for her birthday last month, and I just finished weaving in the ends yesterday, so I'll bring it to her tomorrow.

Karen's scarf, whole

I also finished a mitten I made last January, but ended up having to frog because the thumb started to unravel. There will be no pictures of this mitten, because it looks nothing like its mate. I don't even know what pattern I used to finish off the top of the first because it looks nothing like the top of the second.

Year-old mittens

Proving that I'm a sucker for punishment, I've started a second pair of mittens using some leftover Lopi Denise gave me a few weeks ago.

New mittens

I'm going to make these with a cable on the back. There isn't much there right now, but this is what the first twist looks like:

Close-up of first cable on new mittens

One more project - it's a scarf that was going to be a basketweave scarf, but I frogged it and will be making a broken mistake rib scarf instead.

Mistake Rib scarf

This is the one I'm going to take with me to work on during lunch this week.

Now, enough knitting!

Movie stuff. Happy birthday, Michael Vartan. Frankly, I don't understand your appeal, but lots of women (and quite a few men) drool over you constantly, so maybe it's just a matter of taste, I guess.

Updated, Monday morning: Okay, those were really crappy reviews. I was tired, impatient, and having trouble typing (see reasons 1 and 2). I was also struggling with trying to recap all my knitting, all the movies I watched, the two pizzas I made, and wanting to write 500 more words on my story so I'd be over 20,000 words (didn't happen - boo), so I was also overwhelmed. I'll try and do better reviews of the movies tonight. For now, though, I will say to anyone who read the review of Constantine, even though I complained it seemed slightly too long, I rather enjoyed it.

A teaser of sorts: the movies I watched this weekend were
The Animatrix
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
Child Star