Monday, November 14, 2005

Miss me much? (NaNo Day 14)

Lest you think I was neglecting posting my daily word counts while I was in Owen Sound, the truth is that I couldn't connect to Blogger. Damn unsecured wireless network that I was stealing bandwidth from! However, as I'm only up to 7326 words, so obviously, I didn't get much written. But you know who got a lot written last week? Scaper. That girl has mad NaNo skillz - she'll reach 50,000 words by the end of the week if she keeps up the pace she's going at. I'm chartreuse with envy!*

Fun things done in Owen Sound: met the outgoing Tommyboy, and as a result, pretty much everyone else at the market. Knit. Went out for supper at a neat restaurant. Went to a craft show at the Tom Thompson Memorial Art Gallery. Went to the Spinner's and Knitters Guild show at the library. Played with a sweet-natured Chesapeake Bay Retriever and her grumpy sidekick, an adolescent Himalayan (who's actually also quite sweet - when he wants to be). And watched a metric tonne** of movies:

  • Sideways - Meh. It was okay. I can now join the throngs who can say they've seen it.
  • Garden State - Lovely. Understated. Reminded me of some of my favourite Canadian films. Zach Braff is awesome.
  • The Delicate Art of Parking - If you haven't seen this, why not? A mockumentary about Parking Enforcement Officers, and I found myself getting completely sucked in by the middle of the movie. Features a couple of cast members from Corner Gas***.
  • Crash - Not the David Cronenberg film. The "Oh my god, this is bloody brilliant!" film. Seriously. It was brilliant - it was so good, I was shaking at the end. (Ten points to the first person (except Rachelle!) who can tell me which former Star Trek cast member appeared in one of the storylines.)
  • Being Julia - My new favourite period piece. Annette Benning was stunning!
The drive home was uneventful. Except for the wind farm I passed - *that* was cool.

* I'm not exactly sure what colour chartreuse is - for all I know, it could be a soothing shade of taupe.
** A guesstimate really, since I didn't have scales to measure them.
*** Which, I just realized, I missed again tonight. Gah!