Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More days like this (NaNo Day 9)

Back in my first year of undergrad, I had one evening course which went until 9PM on Tuesday evenings. One night after class, I needed to stop at the library on my way out to pick up an item that was being held in reserve for me. As I went to open one of the doors, I saw someone had stuck a note on the glass:

Thunder Rider,
9th dimension was boring. Meet me in the space pub
Cosmos Woman

I was intrigued. Who was this Thunder Rider, and where was this space pub? The only student bar on Campus was Isaac's, the campus pub. I didn't' take the note, just in case Thunder Rider hadn't seen it yet, but I did write it down and have held onto it for the past ten years.

And now, I've incorporated it into my story. Thanks, Cosmos Woman!

I need more writing days like this. It was an especially productive evening, which is perfect, considering tomorrow night I'm busy, and then I'll be away for the weekend. Today I've managed over 1000 words, bringing my total up to 6534. Woo!