Sunday, October 24, 2004

WIPs: October

I'm getting ready for the Stitch n' Bitch and I'm digging through my stash trying to find scrap yarn and extra needles and such, so I might as well update:
  • I'm calling the kitty hat from Stitch n' Bitch done, even though it doesn't have ears. I used the Red Heart Cozy (in Paprika) that had originally been earmarked for a poncho. The reason that it doesn't have ears is that I'm tired of trying to figure out where to put them. Since the gauge was completely different from what the pattern recommended, I had to improvise, so the whole thing came out slightly different than in the book.
  • The fingerless gloves are coming along. I have one completely done, and the other is over halfway there already.
  • I have two scarves on the go. The first is with the Lion's Brand Incredible (in Autumn Leaves). The first time I tried knitting with it, everyone who was in the room with me got tense, so I (wisely) put it aside for a little while. Happily, my second attempt went much smoother, and it's coming along nicely. The second is with the Gedifra Dandy I got in August when I went home. It's very pretty, and I like it, except that it does not frog well at all. Which is a problem, because I think I made it too wide.
  • I restarted the QaF socks, and the second attempt is much better. Still, I'm no further along than the cuff - it's slow going because it's such fine yarn.
  • My sisters and I are going to make something for my mother. Which reminds me - I still haven't sent them the pattern for it yet. Oops.
  • Various other Christmas presents I'm trying to get started before NaNoWriMo. Time is at a premium this week, so every spare minute will be spent knitting (or goofing off because... y'know - I don't focus on one thing at a time very well.)
Updates of last month's projects:
  • Still not finished the halter top. I forgot to look for yarn for it in Guleph.
  • The scrap vintage-and-boa scarf is too wide. I feel like I should frog it and start over, but that's going to have to wait.