Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Books update

For all of you reading this through Bloglines* or other news aggregators, or for those of you playing along at home who wandered off in search of tea while I was writing about something that was of no interest to you, like curling or knitting or my idea of a perfect, yet totally geeky birthday, and started thinking about what else you could do in the kitchen while you were there and missed the saga of my "Books I've Read" site - to update with Blogger or not to update with Blogger?

*whew* That was a long sentence.

Anyhoo, I've taken decisive action while putting off working on my taxes or anything else productive. I got rid of the Blogger version because it was too much aggravation, and have gone back to the good 'ol plain HTML version.

But now that I think about it, how will you know when I've updated it, or posted a new review? Maybe I should have done like Julie and made a blog for my books**.

Nah. You can just come here and check it occasionally. They're personal reflections on the stuff I've been reading, and I don't mind sharing it with y'all.

Right! Where was I? Updates! Yes, I finally got around to posting an "About" blurb, and several more reviews. I'm up to mid-February now, and will be posting March's list sometime after Friday. The total number of books I've read or listened to so far is 26. Plus! I made a button for it an put it on the right, below the TSF button. Easy to find, easy to click on!

I didn't do any reading tonight - I watched Scrubs and The Office (US) instead. Tomorrow night is Lost and Godiva's, the new show on Bravo! about a restaurant in Vancouver.

*All 8 of you. No, wait - 7 of you. I'm the 8th. Yes, I subscribe to my own feed. How else would I know if the feed is actually working, or that I've spelled something simple like "is" as "os"?
** Note to Julie: I like the title! Please post a review soon!