Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Homesick for my adopted city

(This is something that's been sitting in my Drafts folder since last September. It was one of those Saturday nights where I spend the better part of the night puttering around the Internet until 4am because I had a pot of espresso at 10pm. I'd been listening to the radio, and this was my reaction.)


Damn you, CBC Radio 3! They just did a program featuring a writer/editor talking about why she loves Halifax, and why she stays. Thanks, guys. I haven't been pining for the place for the last three years for you to go and do a whole hour on all the stuff I miss about it. Like, Sweet Jane's, a candy store that's on a side street, behind the Fireside and across the street from Joe's Little Havana, and down the street from the wine store and the Italian market.

Other things about Halifax I miss: the market; the libraries (specifically the Spring Garden branch and the Alderney Gate branch in Dartmouth); the ferry to Dartmouth; midnight movies at the Oxford theater; the Wicker Emporium; Frog Hollow and Woozles (independent book stores); Pizza Corner (the corner of Argyle and Blowers), specifically The Sicilian; Alessandro's Pizza; Metro Pizza, specifically the heavenly steak subs; the Second Cup on Spring Garden; The Marquee Club [now, sadly, closed]; The Urban Cottage, an antiques/consignment store; The Split Crow; Thursday nights at The Grad House; The corner of Hollis and Morris on Saturday mornings; the corner of Spring Garden and South Park any time of day; the Public Gardens; The Lower Deck; The Harbour Hopper; The Granite Brewery; the view from my 26th floor apartment; cocktail parties that lasted until 4am; Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church (those wacky Jesuits!); the Clay Cafe; the sound of the foghorn in the harbour; Point Pleasant Park; Steve-o-rino's French roast coffee and croissants from Mary's Bread Basket on Saturday mornings at the market; and watching the enormous container ships going up and down the Narrows.