Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hobby updates

As I mentioned earlier this morning, we won this week. Last week, we played our former teammates and tied, thanks to a spectacular fourth end when we scored five points. Rock on (heh heh)! The week before that, we also won. It sucks that we've finally gelled as a team so close to the end. However, I've earned the nickname "Parking Lot" because my "burners" (heavy weight rocks) tend to really move. In fact, I took out rocks on the sheet beside us one night because the collision produced such a chain reaction, one of the rocks took off in a completely random direction. Hilarious!

As I also mentioned briefly this morning, I'm in a recital in May. Half of me is totally digging it - it's like being eight years old all over again, and getting ready for your first ballet recital. Except when you're eight, you don't need a gold-covered bra or ankle-length skirt you're certain you're going to trip on at some point during the show. Where was I? Right - it should be fun. I need to make most of my costume, but I don't have fabric for the skirt yet. I'm debating on what colour to make it - my main veil is red, but since half the class has a red or reddish veil, I may make an orange one. My scarves are red and white, and I think I'll be wearing the red one. Right now, I'm leaning towards a black skirt with orange accents, but possibly an orange skirt. Maybe white. Meh - I'll decide this weekend.

Sadly, not much to report on this front. I've finished one of Dad's socks and have started the second one. The mitten I frogged still isn't finished because. . . well, I've been lazy. And I'm not sure where it is. I don't want to start anything until I've finished the sock, but I plan on making a sweater with the Patton's Up Country when I'm finished.

Books I've Read
I haven't tried playing around with the Blogger version of the Books I've Read site because it causes me much frustration. But I've posted the backup file, and I'm up to the beginning of February now. I should post my email addy over there in case you want to comment on anything.