Monday, May 16, 2005

Doing some things and not doing others

In the end, copious amounts of knitting and movie-watching were done this past weekend. I've finally started a sock that will fit (at least at first - all bets are off after the first time I wash it). Karen swung by last night to use "my" drier, since the one she was using decided to stop working. While waiting for the stuff to drive, we watched Formula 51 ("Liverpool! LIVERPOOL!")

Things that did not get done this weekend include my own laundry (I have until Wednesday to do this), unpacking my briefcase from my trip to Parry Sound, cleaning off my desk, and picking up the sewing crap on my dining room table. Seriously, there's still sequins, beads, fringe, interfacing, scraps, thread, ribbons, and pattern pieces scattered about. Oh, and the containers I bought at the dollar store to put it all in.