Thursday, May 19, 2005

Revenge of the ZZZZzzzzzzzz.....

(WARNING: there may be spoilers, depending on how much you know about what happens in episodes 4-7.)

It was okay. The action sequences rocked solid. The lightsabre duels, especially the final one, were things of beauty to watch.

The parts when characters spoke to each other? Not so good. I've never heard such wooden and forced dialogue. And the chemistry between Anakin and Padme? Non-existent. There was more chemisty between Anakin and Obi-wan. Hell, there was more chemistry between Yoda and Darth Siduous (the Emperor).

My biggest complaint? General Grievous. Okay, he was a cool bad guy, and his fight sequences were works of art. But why in the name of all that's good and holy would you program a robot to have asthma? He's part biological (a very small part, if I observed correctly), but why make him wheeze and cough constantly?

Overall, it was good - I was very sad when Anakin became Darth Vader, and he found out that Padme had died. Boo-hoo.

In general, I enjoyed the experience, although I'd kill for another three hours of sleep. The posse of us arrived just after 10:30 to stand in line, but they were letting people in right away. The ticket taker told us they had been letting people in since 6pm. Yikes! And it was showing on four screens - our theater was mostly full, and there was a great deal of camaraderie between us all. Some people (including Douglas) came with costumes and lightsabres, but I think Kris had the market on sleepwear - if I'd've been smart, I would have worn my pj's as well. Would have saved me two minutes when I got home.

Anyways - go see the movie (*waves hand*). You want to go see this movie (*waves hand*). You will not get the large drink because it's a long movie and you don't want to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of an important part (*waves hand*).