Saturday, May 07, 2005

A source of maternal (and sisterly) pride

I did something this afternoon that will no doubt cause my mother and my sister Rachelle to swell with pride and bring a tear of joy to their eyes.

I went out and bought foundation.

But not just foundation - oh no. Lancome (can't do the wacky accent thing) foundation.

And not only did I buy Lancome foundation, I also got the bonus gift. Full of things that I already have and don't use. Except for the facial wash.

(When I went to put some on, the dregs in the bottle of foundation I have had dried up. I guess that happens when you don't use it in over a year. And I can't get away without using it - I look blotchy and pale on stage without it. So, I did actually need it.)

The show is tonight. I'm not nervous yet, although I'm worried that instead of freezing up on stage, I'll burst into hysterical laughter at the wrong moment, which is more along the lines of something I'd do.

Oh, wait. Now I'm nervous. Thanks, Self - I knew I could count on you to mess up any possibility of having a nap this afternoon.