Sunday, May 08, 2005

Post-recital breakdown

It went amazingly well.

Everything went smoothly (for the most part), and the two big group numbers had the impact we hoped for. (The intermission piece ended on a very dramatic note, with everyone holding their pose as the curtains close - the audience gasped, and started cheering. The finale was an energetic piece, with everyone coming on and off stage, wearing their most elaborate costume.)

Since I only had four pieces and four very minor costume changes (basically, red coin belt to gold belt to overskirt and gold belt to overskirt and white coin belt), I was Karen's assistant, since her costume changes were significantly more complicated, elaborate, and frequent. The only major meltdown came when her sash started falling off during the longest piece, the cane dance - she recovered nicely by pulling it up while balancing the cane on her head. It generated significant applause, and afterwards she beat me soundly for my failure to make sure the sash was secured (kidding! I was almost in tears and she and another dancer had to talk me down off the edge.)

My meltdown came during the finale, when I skipped over an entire bit and started on the next move - fortunately, the woman who was next to me grabbed me and turned me back around. Naturally, this occurred when I was front row centre.

Kris and her boyfriend, Karen's mom (Mrs. T), and Marty and her boyfriend had the best seats - in the middle of the centre row. They were a great focal point, and kept waving and cheering when Karen or I came onstage.

I can't wait for the next one!