Tuesday, May 03, 2005

This weekend in cinema

Well, I'm back from rehearsal. I've been back for a while, but just doing other things. Like drinking a vodka mudslide on a half-empty stomach, which probably wasn't the best idea in the world. But then again, I'm not know for my stellar wisdom. Whatever. Anyways....

Most of the past weekend was spent camped out on a couch somewhere, either here or at Karen's, sewing or pinning or doing something crafty. And watching a lot of movies.

Friday night - sewing sequin strings onto the skirt and watching "The Hebrew Hammer." Meh. It was okay, and downright funny in parts, but I don't much care for Andy Dick. Loved him in News Radio, but not much fond of his post-NR stuff. A good movie if you want an over-the-top Jewish comedy - it's kind of like Shaft, only more kosher.

Saturday - mostly working on the bra, which took all day. Not many movies were watched until I got to Karen's, where she, Kris and I crashed. Despite all the pinning and basting and fiddling with costume bits, it was a fairly PG evening. The highlight was Kris telling me I have a nice ass. Awww! Thanks! We watched "To Wong Fu, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar" (I must confess that the first time I ever saw this movie, I didn't know who Julie Newmar was, and I thought she was another drag queen. Sorry.) We started watching "True Lies" but Kris and I were really tired and left early, around 1am.

Sunday - finished the bra, including sequins, almost finished the skirt, and watched a ton of movies.
  • Wilby Wonderful - a nice little Canadian film. It was filmed in Nova Scotia, and the atmosphere was perfect - I knew exactly what the temperature was like, and how the air would smell, there being considerable evidence of recent rainfall, plus the town being beside the ocean.
  • New Waterford Girl - one of my all-time favourites, again for the atmosphere. The village in the movie reminds me of the village near where my dad is from, and again, I know what it's like there. Nicholas Campbell is excellent as the father.
  • The Love Letter - my other all-time favourite movie, if only because I occasionally like sappy romance movies.
  • The Piano Teacher - Gah. Did not like this one. At all. Since it was in French, I ended up knitting while watching this since I needed to sit near the TV to read the subtitles. It was cruel, it was sad, it was angry, and the last scene made absolutely no sense.
And the last three episodes of "Firefly". I started rewatching them, but this time with the commentaries.