Monday, October 25, 2004

For everything else, there's Bausch & Lomb

* Going to curling and not being able to see the skip's instructions from the starting block because you can't see them over the tops of your glasses: blind as a bat.

* Knowing that there is a solution to this problem in your linen closet: curious.

* Spending ten minutes digging through the closet, looking for said solution: frustrating.

*Finding said solution, sitting at eye-level and to the right of where you've been looking: d'oh!

* Discovering that the box of solution also contains a lens case and cleaner: yay!

* Getting your contact lenses in in under twenty minutes after four years not wearing them, without cursing, swearing, poking self in eye, scratching the lens, or loosing it on the floor: priceless.

Update: Remembering what you did with your glasses once you put the contacts in: useful.