Monday, October 18, 2004

Sunday Night TV - Take 2: Surreal enough to be funny

I don't get The Brak Show. If I were watching it in the middle of the afternoon, I'd probably change the channel, scratching my head and wondering what the hell that was.

However, Sunday nights when I'm falling asleep on my knitting needles, it's the funniest show EVER. I think you need to be really tired, drunk or high to appreciate how funny the dream-like apparition of Spoony (a walking, talking wooden spoon) and Geoffry the Wonderbird are. Or the following bit of dialogue, which made me laugh so hard I snorted apple cider everywhere:

Brak: "Hey Mom. Where's Dad?"
Mom: "He's in the trunk of the car."
Brak: "What's he doing in there?"
Mom: "I just wanted five minutes to myself!"

See? Not really that funny. Try reading it when you're really tired, and it becomes comedy gold!