Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Insane Larocque Posse

Every night, I sit in front of my computer and try and think of something witty and clever to post about. Usually, I have an idea - something I've thought about during the day or at least since the last time I posted. Like, last night I wanted to mention the Dare thread in the NaNoWriMo forums - where people dare other people to use the dares in their novel (i.e. "Start your novel with the sentence, "This day was just like all the other days-- wet, cold, slimy, and covered with alligators.")

However, I usually end up participating in the family chat that has become our nighttime ritual. Its origins are lost in the fog of time (in other words, I forget), but at roughly 9pm every evening, my mother, my sisters and I all log into MSN and join the conversation. Any stray family members (like my cousin or my b-i-l) who happen to wander through are also invited to join. They're fun, although some nights I'm tired and creatively drained, so I just sit there and watch the conversation.

Last night I posted the link to here, and all were suitably impressed (Mom: "Cool!"), jealous (Denise: "I want one!"), and nitpicky (Rachelle: "Smitten was a girl!"). Hee!

Welcome back, guys!