Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sounds like a teleconference

Today at work, I had two meetings, both by teleconference. The first was fairly small, just myself, the other client services people, and our manager. The second was related to our interlibrary loan software, so it was all the various North American user groups and the North American office. Some of the background noises heard during the second teleconference:
  • barking dogs
  • someone eating something crunchy near the mouthpiece
  • someone drinking/slurping
  • a dot matrix printer
  • a doorbell (that could have been in the office, if we were getting a delivery)
  • a screen door opening, then slamming shut
  • someone heaving a huge, world-weary sigh after someone else finished explaining one of the proposed software improvements (no one owned up to it, so I don't know if it was a general sigh, or a sigh related to what we were discussing)
  • howling dogs (probably the same dogs as above)
I put my speaker phone on, so I can move around my office quietly. I did eat graham crackers during the call, but well back from the phone. I also dropped a stapler on my desk at one point, so that probably got picked up.