Thursday, October 21, 2004

To do list

Towards the end of the second teleconference (the portion I like to refer to as "navel-gazing time" because two or three people start discussing minutia), I jotted down a to-do list of things I needed to do when I got home. It ended up that the first three items were in alphabetical order, so I did my best to carry on with the theme:
  • applesauce (as in, make)
  • bathroom
  • closet
  • dishes (not many, but still)
  • email
  • fridge
  • garbage
  • have nap
  • ironing board (as in, pick up)
  • (I can't think of anything for "J" Jog? No thanks!)
  • knit (while I watch CSI and ER tonight)
  • laundry
  • make supper
  • (Yeah, I got stuck on "N" too...)
  • organize papers
  • printer ink
  • quit procrastinating!
  • read bookclub book
  • sweep
  • telephone home
  • ummm...
  • vacuum
  • walk (instead of jogging)
  • Xmas list
  • yarn (as in, pick up and put away)
  • zzzzz.....
B could also be for blog, since that's pretty much what I've done since I got home. And nap. So two things down, 21 to go!