Tuesday, October 12, 2004

S.E.X. and Drugs and Rock and Roll

So, this past weekend was Thanksgiving, and naturally, I made the trek south for the holidays, with a few detours here and there. I came home through Guelph via Waterloo via Fergus, so Friday was a huge travel day. Saturday marked the beginning of PMS, so I was not my usual cheery self (note to siblings: Not. One. Word.). Thus, I spent the bulk of my weekend home socializing even though I would have been happier hiding under my bed with a chocolate bar and a bodice-ripper.

But! All is not lost! I got lots of yarn, lots of leftovers and other assorted goodies, and a microwave out of the deal!

S.E.X. - stands for Stash Enhancement eXpedition. I made several stops for yarn on the way home. The first was in Barrie, when I stopped for coffee; there's a Michael's across the parking lot from the Second Cup where I was, so I wandered over. I came out with four balls of Lion Brand Incredible in City Lights and Autumn Leaves. Then I stopped in Fergus, where my sister had purchased a couple of hanks of Manos de Uruguay for her birthday. Upon seeing the yarn up close and in person, I also succumbed to the yarn and bought a hank. I couldn't remember what colour Denise got, so I went with Jungle, because I love green and I knew hers wasn't green. Also purchased was Christmas present yarn, so I can't talk about it.

When I left Fergus, I picked up Rachelle in Waterloo and we went to Guelph. Len's Mills has a serious overabundance of cool yarn, and the rest of us (sort of) jokingly refer to it as Denise's stash, since she's there at least once a week. It was decided that we needed to "visit" the stash, and we all came away with stuff. I got four balls of Alafoss Lopi in various shades of green to match the Manos, a ball of Patons Divine in grey, and for some reason, a ball of Red Heart Cozy in white. So, I'm going to be good and busy for the next little while.

Drugs - I finally found my migraine medication at home - yay! The prescription is about six years out of date, and it does very little good, but it was my first line of defense if my head started to hurt. Of course, when I was unpacking tonight, I realized that even though I'd found it, I hadn't thought to pack it. *sigh*

Rock - my music selection various from trip to trip. Sometimes I listen to a CD once, then I switch it; other times I listen to one or two over and over. On the way down, it was sort of mixed, going from Fleetwood Mac's rumors, to Modest Mouse's Good News for People Who Love Bad News, to a mixed CD I made for a road trip to PEI, to Buck 65's Talkin' Honky Blues. When I picked up Rachelle in Waterloo, we added Ray Charles and Medeski, Martin and Wood to the mix. However, my trip home was all about one CD - and for once, it wasn't The Trews House of Ill Fame (which, after nine months, I can still listen to constantly). No, this time it was all about the Rolling Stones, and a compilation CD of the best of Forty Licks (which is a "best of" CD).

Roll - I was quite pleased with myself that I managed not to overeat at any point this weekend. For me, it's an impressive feat. However, I did manage to score big on the leftovers front, something which I don't usually manage because I either lived at home or too far away to bring home food. In addition to stewed chicken and dumplings and turkey, gravy, potatoes and turnip for a soup, I also scored two jars of jam (loganberry and an extra large strawberry), a pumpkin pie of my very own, and a box of Land o' Lakes raspberry hot chocolate. Thanks Mom!

(I also somehow managed to get Rachelle's leftover turkey and cheesy broccoli and cauliflower. Seriously - I don't know how that happened! *burp*)

Oh - and the microwave. My b-i-l decided that they needed a new one, so they had to do something with the old one. Since I'm microwaveless (and wasn't minding it) it was decided that I should get it. Initially, I was resistant. But when I got it home, found it a place on my counter, and heated up a piece of pie, I realized it was worth it. Thanks Denise and Mike!